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Accord Partners

Engaged Fund for Microcap Stocks

Accord Partners is an engaged fund for microcap stocks.

We focus on public companies with market capitalizations of $500 million and less that for some clear and reparable reason are underperforming. 

We look at the business and its market, people, and product and invest on the company’s long-term prospects. We are not traders playing the market.  This approach gives us downside protection and increases upside potential.  Quality does matter.  

In some cases, a company’s problems have been fixed but the market doesn't realize it yet.  Here we invest passively, and then share our analysis with the market and influencers in the company’s industry, publishing updates on the company’s progress from time to time.   Our in-depth profiles are often the most substantial analysis our portfolio companies have ever received.

In cases where a company’s problems have not been fixed, but could be, we work cooperatively with management and the board, sharing our analysis, providing fresh eyes and often a different expertise.  We may offer a direct investment with board seats or other conditions attached to help effect change.  

In every case, we only invest long, and we only make money when our fellow shareholders make money.

Accord Partners LLC

PO Box 1033
Petersburg, Alaska USA

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